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By: Bobby Blogs

Another weekend of Hawks football and to be honest with you, I can’t decide where my head is at. I usually spend all of Sunday through Wednesday being pissed off at our inept offense and spending most of my free time on twitter validating my feelings with other sad Hawkeye fans. This seems to help a little bit but like they say, a band aid on a bullet hole doesn’t help a whole hell of a lot. Then, by about Thursday my spirits pick up and I talk myself into an offensive masterclass backed by a stout defense only to be let down again. Can you guess where this is going? Well, if you haven’t checked your calendar it is indeed Friday and boy oh boy, am I back!! We might see a whole different offense with the “Hoss Boss” (trademark pending) slinging the DAMN ball arahnd the yard.

It’s been awhile since I have been to church but I am pretty sure “Deacon” holds some weight in the church as well as the football field. We saw a devastating injury to an already hurt Mcnamara last weekend. It was tough to watch and you could tell the second it happened it wasn’t going to be good. With a plethora of injuries already decimating the Hawks this year things have been quite grim. We saw a lot of drops last weekend on the tail end of Deacons passes and I’m hoping a week of practice clears that up. Purdue is 1-1 in conference play thus far with both games being played on their home turf. My only worry is Tyrone Tracy and his super powers that somehow get activated when he is playing against his former team. Purdue always seems to play us tough and we will get their best shot. The Hawks have to muster some sort of offense and let Deacon throw some shots. Maybe a pass on first down every once in a while to keep the boilerlosers on their toes. 

As we all know Bobby Blogs has been less than ideal as a gambling man this year. I relate my gambling career to a few things. I have Michael Jordan’s confidence in a Bull Jersey but the skills of MJ in a wizards jersey.  Everything in my blogger bones is telling me to hang up the draft king cleats. I can’t bring myself to do it after finding an absolute BANGER of a bet. It’s almost too good to be true and I cant believe DraftKings let this line out to the public. Give me the Hawkeyes at -2.5. Our first drive of the game we will go 3 and out after an errant throw from Deacon to Ragaini. Then the bullets start flying and we start scoring at will. Let’s have a weekend folks.

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