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By: Bobby Blogs

These last two weeks as a Hawkeye fan have really tested all of us. What an emotional roller coaster after the Minnesota game. I was in the stadium and boy oh boy was it something to behold. From the fans taking off at the 7 minute mark because we simply couldn’t move the ball. They had given up on us scoring any points to try and retake the lead. I had given up as well and in the midst of my licking wounds the Minnesota fans in the section next to me were chanting right at me (not really but it makes the story better.) With my tail tucked between my legs we all saw what unfolded during one of the better plays in Kinnick ever. Coopers punt return touchdown that was seemingly called back. After he crossed the goal line I just started running around and chest bumping fans near me. I came back for one last chest bump with my brother who I was at the game with and it was about mine and his last chest bump. I was so fired up I about threw us both down a flight of stairs. When the call came that he called a fair catch I’ve never seen more pandemonium. Bottles were flying, people were cussing up a storm and Minnesota fans were loving it. The only good news in the last 2 weeks has been that Brian will be done at the end of the year. The Kirk press conference was a whole lot of nothing and he seemed real irritated. Brian finishing out the year is odd to me. I get that he wants to finish what he started but did he ever really start anything?

With the news of Brian gone I can’t imagine he is real happy and I think we will see some fireworks this weekend at Wrigley. As I type this I realize I have said this about every weekend and I just can’t help it. I am a sad hopeful fan that just wants something to root for. I’ll be at Wrigley this weekend and I’m excited to see how things unfold. Northwestern has been a solid defensive team thus far allowing just 187 pass yards per game. Sorry thing is if they allow just their average that will be an all time day for the passing attack out of Iowa. If the players rally around Brian and the offense I think we could see Iowa attack the run game early and get some points on the board. I mean imagine if you were getting fired from your job but they gave you 4 more weeks to really fuck things up. I would be playing fast and loose with not a whole lot of care in the world. Let the shots fly and make a GAH DAMN statement in the Windy City. Brian could give a big F you to fans who have been ragging on him all year (me included). I would gladly take a middle finger to have some fun at the game. 

Well, my last bet was more of an ego bet and that’s when we got in trouble. I took an over bet and we all know how that went. It flew under the point total and I was fairly sad for baiting anyone into taking that bet. I promise I will be better this weekend and not let my emotions get in the way. I am going to get a little bit tricky here with my bet. Its + money which I love but it’s not going to be your favorite bet. This is one of the bets that you don’t look at, you simply just bet it and forget about it. I’m trying to pay for my first drink and hotdog in Wrigley with this one. Give me the Hawks -.5 first quarter +105. We are going to score on our first drive after a dominating drive from the offensive line and our defense will hold steady. Lets win some bets and have some positive thoughts heading into the weekend. As always, GO HAWKS!

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