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By: Bobby Blogs

Hate week. A week that seemingly gets more tense year after year with rising expectations from two in state programs. First, just let me say that I do respect ISU fans but not in the way you’d expect. Being a fan of ISU would be like brushing your teeth every morning with Barbasol. (Big fan of Barbasol but usually for shaving my face) It’d be like driving the wrong way on the freeway and trying to argue that it’s the right way. It’s never made sense to me but I can appreciate the fire and passion coming out of Ames.

I can sit here and give you guys a bunch of unrealistic expectations and say that Iowa is going to come out hot and score on every possession. Let’s face it though, this is going to be a gritty game and hopefully the Hawks come out swinging. Mcnamara is for sure not at 100% and we need the O-line to hold up and get the run game going. We struggled to run against Utah St. which put us in some bad situations trying to throw the ball. We all know Kirk though and I think he should have a few tricks up his sleeve to put the Hawks on top. We were a couple of dropped passes away from 30+ points last weekend and I don’t see that being the usual. I’d be crazy to think that ISU doesn’t have some trick plays in the mix as well. My insider source tells me they are bringing in a familiar face on some goal line sets to, “lead the way”. He stands about 6 ‘3 and weighs in at an impressive 215 pounds of pure muscle. You guys may know him, he was the 45th President of the United States. Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of “I” formation sets from the Cyclones.

All jokes aside, it’s time for Bobby Blogs to get in the win column on the gambling side. I really think over 34.5 was the right call last week but we had a few things not fall our way. I’m going to get a little cute here with my bet but stay with me. I am taking Hawks -.5 first quarter. Kirks is going to take the ball and we’re going to march right down the field and kick a field goal! *sigh* 

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