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By: Bobby Blogs

We are just 16 short days away from once again swarming in Kinnick. There is quite a bit to be desired after a disappointing end to the season last year. As a loyal Hawkeye fan, I usually get an unrealistic hype before the season which makes it hard to find a loss on the schedule. Usually this would end in heartbreak, but I think there should be as much optimism as ever for this Hawkeye team, and more specifically, the Hawkeye offense. After attacking the transfer portal like never before we have gotten a few key pieces to hopefully mesh with a gritty defensive squad from last year.

The first reason I am excited is because, let’s face it, the quarterback room got better and we haven’t seen a game rep from Cade McNamara in an Iowa jersey yet. Even though I am a Spencer Petras defender, it’s hard to say he gave us the best chance to win every game. From every camp video I have seen, I like the way our new QB carries himself. We haven’t seen a swaggy Iowa QB in some time and I am ready to have some fun on offense. We also brought in some new talent on the offensive line as well as a quality tight end in Erick All. Although I see Rusty Feth and Daijon Parker on the 2 deep, they will give us some quality depth on the o-line.

The 2nd reason I am hopeful for the 2023 Iowa offense is because I think Kirk is nearing an age where he is willing to adapt to the new times in college football. Kirk is usually a stubborn guy and I don’t think there will be crazy changes, but I do believe he is changing for the better on the offensive side of the ball. There is also an insurmountable amount of pressure on his son, Brian as he looks to score a whopping 25 points a game!

I can’t wait to be in Kinnick cheering on the black and gold as we look to push for a Big Ten Championship. Can I get a GO HAWKS!? Also, get your merch as things are selling out quickly on these drops. The Beat State collection is available now!  Be sure to use the code “BOBBY1” at checkout for 15% off!