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By: Bobby Blogs

I think we all need a shot of Whiskey last week after watching the atrocity that was the offense. Deacon seemed to struggle but I’m willing to give him another chance this weekend. I am hoping the receivers can bounce back this week and catch a pass or two but I don’t want to be unrealistic. Yes, my blogs have seemingly become somewhat negative and I am working my best to fix it. At the end of the day we are 5-1 with a favorable schedule to end the year. We are 9.5 point dogs this weekend at Camp Randall. Week after week I beg for trick plays and we finally decide to run a tackle screen last week and it gets batted down. Be careful what you wish for I guess.

The Hawks do have some positives heading into next weekend. We have Phil Parker and the boys ready to roll on the defensive side of the ball. The Badgers have some absolute bruisers coming out of the backfield and well have to shut down the run early. Kaleb Brown also returned back to practice this week and I assume he will be in the game plan. Brian is going to need to dial up some plays for receivers early so we can get out to a lead. The only way we leave Camp Randall with a win is if we score first and sit on the lead. It’s not pretty but it has often been effective for us. I know I know, why can’t we just play fun football and sling it 30 times a game. Can’t always get what we want and we’ll have to wait and pray for a miracle in one of these games. There also is some rain in the forecast which could play to both teams strengths. Run the ball early, find some receivers in the play action game against a favorable box and let’s go get a DAMN W.

After regaining our confidence last week with a -2.5 win we are ready to find another winner. Draft Kings thought they had me last week. Bad news for them. I woke up with vengeance on my mind. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Bobby the bet is so easy, the Hawks are getting 9.5 points!” Well guys, the thing I have learned in my unfortunate gambling career is that when the book wants you to zig, we simply zag. The zag isn’t always the prettiest girl at the bar but a girl you can rely on to get you home. That pretty girl will be UNDER 37.5 points. Now you’re probably saying “Bobby that bet is so gross how can I root for no points?” Relax everybody, we know what these Hawks are and no need to trick ourselves into an offensive showcase. Hawks come out victorious 17-14 after a late Drew Stevens field goal from 41 yards and then he will blow a kiss to the crowd. I will also blow a kiss to Draft Kings after we collect the duffle bags of money. Fickell, tickle, pickle, nickel. Don’t matter, Hawks in four.

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