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By: Bobby Blogs

Well, another week and another win somehow. The Hawks continue to put themselves into the winning column in a fashion not seen before in college football. We have the worst offense statistically in the country but Phil Parker doesn’t give a damn. The way the defense was flying around was fun to see. Usually there isn’t a whole lot of fun surrounding Hawkeye games but god dangit, I enjoyed it. I have watched Sebastian Castro’s hit on Braelon Allen no less than a hundred times. He looked like a freaking jet missile deploying from the top of the screen. Cooper was Cooper as always and had some huge tackles on critical downs. The offense seemed to have the run going and we weren’t shy about showing it. It will be interesting to see what we do at tight end after All went down with a season ending injury. The boys are banged up that’s for sure.

PJ Fleck and the boys come to town this week on their boats and the Hawks need to be ready for some tricks. Fleck has never beaten Kirk in the Hawks in his time there. He has to be sick of rowing his silly little boat back home every year. Once again I think the formula for success is to score first. We won last week after getting out to a lead and letting the defense go to work. I wouldn’t even be opposed to kneeing it for 3 downs and letting Tory Taylor reinsert himself into the heisman race. Minnseota’s QB has run for a couple of touchdowns and could hurt us with his legs. He doesn’t look all that athletic but nonetheless could do some damage on late downs. Hawks are decently healthy on the defensive side of the ball and Kirk seems optimistic regarding Y.A. Black status this weekend. Heavy dose of the run with a side of Phil’s boys putting the hurt on the Gophers. I’ll be in attendance at the game and I plan to get in Fleck’s head early. Guy kind of seems like a softie so will let you know pregame what I can muster up.

Well well well, look what we have here. Another GAH DAMN win. I’ve been avoiding phone calls all week and keeping my head relatively low in the streets as of lately. Draftkings can let me keep getting away with this robbery. I would assume they have a close eye on me and the people that are following my bets. A couple of buddies texted me last weekend that they were thrilled with winning some money from my pick. Nothing gives me better joy than giving out a winner (and seeing PJ Fleck in his button up cry.) The worst thing I can do is get complacent. I really really really want to take the over 31.5 because it’s an absurdly low number but I won’t do that out of respect for everyone. Just kidding, give me the over 31.5, it’s simply just too low. Hawks win 21-17. Let’s have a weekend!!

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