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By: Bobby Blogs

Well, there’s not much to say about last weekend’s game. Like most Hawkeye fans, I talked myself into a win. That was a rather large mistake. I have been trying to keep my head down when in public to hopefully not catch a stray Brian Ferentz joke or something in that direction. It seems easier to digest if it isn’t talked about but it’s all over the internet. It’s no surprise that we are the laughing stock of college football and for all the wrong reasons. I am angry, and confused as to what direction this program is coming from. For the first time in my life I feel as if we have reached a crossroads. Which road we are going to take will be a big tell and that starts with getting back on track this weekend with a Black Out game in Kinnick. 

Iowa hosts the Spartans this weekend in a must win game. The Hawks need to score 50 and then some to gain some fans back on the wagon. Michigan St. has looked less than great this year but as we know it, so have the Hawks. The Spartans defense is not their typical defense and has given up a ton of points and yards this year. This should be a get right game for the Hawks and we need points on the board early. Let’s be honest, our spirits were broken and stomped on last weekend. How we come out this weekend shows a lot about the type of players we have. There needs to be more gas than brakes and no signs of letting up. Open the playbook and let Cade throw it around the yard (preferably more to the receivers). I got caught up this week in mind blowing stats this week and it makes my stomach hurt. The fact that we have 14 catches as a receiving corps shouldn’t be a real stat through 4 games. Under the lights in Kinnick on Saturday, let’s get wild. Hell, maybe even a trick play or two. We can have fun and win football games at the same time.

Hopefully everyone faded me last week on the Iowa team total over 12.5 points. I thought the bookmakers were drunk, but really it was me. Sometimes it be your own damn self. I need to find us a parlay to get back on track. You may be telling yourself “Bobby, parlays are for suckers aren’t they?” You would be correct but I am one of those suckers. Let’s go win some damn MONEY. Draft kings has a fun little “TEU” bet and I am throwing a unit on this. Iowa -12.5 (hopefully a 13-0 game), Iowa to win the first half, TJ Hockenson over 4.5 catches and a touchdown (+533) Me and the Hawks are in the same boat this weekend, it’s a get right game as well as bet. I am also giving out a free shirt to a person who likes my tweet if the Hawks score under 21 points because I am that confident in some Black and Gold POINTS this weekend.

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