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By: Bobby Blogs These last two weeks as a Hawkeye fan have really tested all of us. What an emotional roller coaster after the Minnesota game. I was in the stadium and boy oh boy was it something to behold. From the fans taking off at the 7 minute mark because we simply couldn’t move […]


By: Bobby Blogs Well, another week and another win somehow. The Hawks continue to put themselves into the winning column in a fashion not seen before in college football. We have the worst offense statistically in the country but Phil Parker doesn’t give a damn. The way the defense was flying around was fun to […]


By: Bobby Blogs I think we all need a shot of Whiskey last week after watching the atrocity that was the offense. Deacon seemed to struggle but I’m willing to give him another chance this weekend. I am hoping the receivers can bounce back this week and catch a pass or two but I don’t […]


By: Bobby Blogs Another weekend of Hawks football and to be honest with you, I can’t decide where my head is at. I usually spend all of Sunday through Wednesday being pissed off at our inept offense and spending most of my free time on twitter validating my feelings with other sad Hawkeye fans. This […]


By: Bobby Blogs Well, there’s not much to say about last weekend’s game. Like most Hawkeye fans, I talked myself into a win. That was a rather large mistake. I have been trying to keep my head down when in public to hopefully not catch a stray Brian Ferentz joke or something in that direction. […]


By: Bobby Blogs This weekend is going to be the biggest test of the season at Penn State. The Nittany Lions have looked good to start the year, and the Hawks? Well, we have a lot to prove and this is the perfect opportunity. We are 14.5 point underdogs and this could be the kind […]


By: Bobby Blogs Hate week. A week that seemingly gets more tense year after year with rising expectations from two in state programs. First, just let me say that I do respect ISU fans but not in the way you’d expect. Being a fan of ISU would be like brushing your teeth every morning with […]


By: Bobby Blogs Two words. Week 1. We have finally made it to the promiseland folks. Football is back and that means the Hawks are ready to roll. Although I am excited, I have put myself on the injured reserve from a recent incident. After seeing the Ricky Stanzi narrated hype video that the Hawkeye […]


By: Bobby Blogs We are just 16 short days away from once again swarming in Kinnick. There is quite a bit to be desired after a disappointing end to the season last year. As a loyal Hawkeye fan, I usually get an unrealistic hype before the season which makes it hard to find a loss […]

The Return Of Hawkadelic

We’re back Hawk fans! After a brief period of quiet, we are back and reenergized, ready to reignite the Hawkeye spirit that runs deep within our Iowa community. With a new site, logo, and plenty of new products, we are ready to make our fellow Hawk fans look good. Join us on the journey of […]